Can you believe it’s April already!?! The weather is changing and the pollen is relentless…lol. Nevertheless, we’ve made it. Download your copy of my April 2020 Marketing Content Calendar. Grab Your Copy HERE 🙂

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April 2020 Marketing Content Calendar | Octavia Elease Photography

Creating captivating content can be a struggle sometimes, especially with so many platforms available to produce for. Not to worry: I’ve got you covered. Take a moment to download a list of my top forty ideas for content photos. This list will help you create content showcasing your personality to connecting with your ideal client.  […]

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40 Photo Content Ideas | Atlanta Brand Photographer

March is a little over a week away…OMG! Have you planned your content? You’ll be surprised at how many people have yet to get started with content planning for March. We all know that St. Patrick’s Day is in March. I’m sure you have something in mind for it. But there are other days you […]

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March Marketing | Octavia Elease Photography

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Every photographer has their own unique way of editing images. Here’s how I do it… I have 3 degrees of photo editing: Straight out of camera Key Edits Detailed Edits Straight out of Camera This is the image that the camera takes. It looks good, but could use some tlc. I try to get it […]

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Editing + Retouching | Atlanta Brand Photographer

Atlanta Branding + Senior Photographer. Hey there friends! I’m super excited you are here. My name is Octavia Elease…heeeeey! I’m a lifestyle portrait photographer here in Atlanta. I specialize in Personal Branding and High School Senior sessions. I truly enjoy what I do! I will turn up the music and shoot all day if I […]

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